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Popular Girl's Cotton Ankle Length Leggings

  • SAVE 10% each when you purchase 2 or more, Popular is the only authorized seller of this product...........
  • Made of soft and breathable Cotton-rich blend (95%) & Spandex (5%) material that allows lots of stretch and ease. Flat and comfortable elastic waistband. Check Product Description for best fit...............
  • These full-length leggings are the perfect basic bottom to match up with all your tops, sweaters and everyday outfits.........................
  • The perfect everyday legging for cute tops, tunics, under skirts, dresses, activewear or school uniform.................
  • Holds its shape after repeated washings. Proudly Made in the USA!

Popular Girl's Cotton Ankle Length Leggings

Our Popular girls' cotton blend leggings are perfect for any occasion!

Your girl will be sporting them on the playground, schoolyard, backyard — any place she needs comfort and covering. These leggings keep their shape, fit better and last longer than most made elsewhere. Our leggings are proudly made in the USA! The cotton/spandex blend keeps the fit flawless and because of the composition, they're less likely to sag or wear through. Machine washable. These leggings are a great addition to the wardrobe for any active girl! Metallic leggings are Polyester/Spandex.


Size 2: Waist - 18" Length - 20" 

Size 4: Waist - 20" Length - 22" 

Size 6: Waist - 22-23" Length - 26" 

Size 7/8: Waist - 23-24" Length - 28" 

Size 10: Waist - 24-25" Length - 29" 

Size 12: Waist - 25-26" Length - 30" 

Size 14: Waist - 28" Length - 34"

Size 16: Waist - 30" Length - 35"

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