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Product Description

  • NNJXD is not only a product supplier but also cultural communicator. 
  • NNJXD has a grasp of design trends, the market experienced an international design team.
  • NNJXD product positioning in the casual fashion and elegant princess, the target customer base is the 0-16 year girl.
  • NNJXD believes that each girl is a princess and needs to be a gentle treat. Love, Care. Realize the dream of every little girl into a princess,

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different---NNJXD

girls princess dress
size for you

ball gowns for girlsGIRLS UNDERSKIRT
Half-sleeve lace backless dressToddler party dressPageant dresses for girlsshort PetticoatGirls unicorn costume
Size range2-7 Years3-8 Years6-14 Years4-10 Years2-7 Years
SleeveHalf-sleeveSleevelessSleevelessShort pettcoatSleeveless
Color availableMulti-ColoredMulti-ColoredMulti-ColoredWhiteMulti-Colored

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