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  • Exclusive to Paisley of London’s collection of boys suits, the five-pieces ‘Philip’ is derived from carefully selected light-weight fabrics assuring copious comfort.
  • Its slim fit cut is in line with modern trends for a luxurious impression across a variety of formal occasions.
  • The jacket lining is made from fine satin soft fabric with a gorgeous paisley pattern and the trousers contain a cleverly concealed adjuster for an ultra-smart look and practical fit. Finished with an Italian collar white shirt, chic pre-tied adjustable tie and matching pocket square.
  • Paisley of London is a British childrenswear brand. As all products are designed in England, the garments follow a standard UK size specification and it is this UK size that is displayed on the labels inside Paisley products. For size clarification, please refer to the UK/US size comparison chart.

Product description

• Boys suit by UK designers Paisley of London 
• Suit material: Jacket, waistcoat, tie & trousers: 100% polyester 
• Jacket detail: Plain, Jacket lining: Paisley satin, Jacket back: Double vent 
• Jacket pockets: 2 x Stitched front, 1 x Stitched breast 
• Jacket buttons: 2 x Front, 2 x Cuff 
• Vest color: Variation dependant, Vest detail: Plain, Vest back: Variation dependant (adjustable strap) 
• Shirt color: White, Shirt material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton 
• Pants: Single pleat front – No turn-up 
• Dry clean only 

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