Air-force Fighter Pilot And 'TOPGUN' Graduate Shows Step-By-Step How To Quickly and Easily Become A Fighter Pilot In The Air Force

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Air-force Fighter Pilot And 'TOPGUN' Graduate Shows You Step-By-Step How To Quickly and Easily Become A Fighter Pilot In The Air Force, Navy, or Marines"

"F-18 Fighter Pilot And 'TOPGUN' Graduate Shows You Step-By-Step How To Quickly and Easily Become A Fighter Pilot In The Air Force, Navy, or Marines"

Do you dream of flying for the United States Military but don’t have a clue about how or where to begin?

Are you frustrated because you can't find the information that you need to prepare for your Fighter Pilot career?

Are you trying to decide if the lifestyle of a fighter pilot is for you?

If so, you're not alone. Because...

“…It's Extremely Difficult - If Not Impossible - To
Find Specific Information On How To Become
An Air Force, Navy or Marines Fighter Pilot.”

Your only resource on flying Mach 1 is your local recruiter, and with all due respect, they have never been through the process of becoming a fighter pilot themselves so their knowledge is limited to brochures and a few guidelines they have.

Just listen to what Dan said while he was standing infront of an F-18.

Besides that, there are actually 3 crucial things that the recruiter is looking for before he even recommends you to be commissioned as a fighter pilot. If you contact a recruiter before you learn these 3 things you could blow your chances of even being commissioned as a pilot candidate!

And once you are accepted into the pilot program you still have to earn your pilot position. Every colonel, lieutenant, chief, cook and bottle washer will be asking him or herself if they would get into an aircraft with you and trust you with their life.

You'll need to learn tips and tricks that'll propel you to the front of your classmates during flight training so you can choose the aircraft YOU want to fly. And believe me, any aircraft that starts with "F" is usually taken by the first in line!

How do I know all of this? Because I’ve actually "been there and done that."

But before we go any further..

Here’s A Sampling Of What The Fighter Pilot Power Pack™ Will Do For YOU...

  • Learn the single most important question that could determine whether you fly jets or sit behind a desk. You must learn this BEFORE talking with a recruiter.
  • How to blow by your competition by learning to think like a fighter pilot.
  • 7 Flight School guidelines that could increase your chances of flying jets by 300%!
  • How to get over 2 million dollars worth of flight training free and actually be paid to do it!
  • A step-by-step plan that will slash your learning curve by at least half during every phase of becoming a top American Fighter Pilot.
  • How to avoid 13 of the most common problems that arise on flight physicals.
  • Discover a specific “mindset for success” that will virtually ensure you achieve your dreams.
  • Answer every question and eliminate your worries with over 146 pages chocked full of never before seen information revealing exactly how to become a fighter pilot in the Air Force, Navy, or Marines.
  • The exact eyesight requirements and how to improve your eyesight and keep it in shape.
  • 3 simple steps to prepare for and finish first in Officer Candidate School or Boot Camp.
  • Essential ground school tips, info, and insider ideas to excel you to the top of your class.
  • Nothing worries military pilots more than the possibility of failing the flight physical. Reduce your anxiety by learning exactly what to expect on every flight physical.
  • 3 things you definitely DO NOT want to do when contacting a recruiter. Doing just one of these things could eliminate your chances of getting a pilot slot.
  • How to choose the right service for YOU, (Air Force, Navy, Marines) before they choose you.
  • Impress your superior officers by learning to act like a fighter pilot.
  • How to determine whether the Service Academy, ROTC, Officer Candidate School, or Enlisted Commissioning is the best entry program for your wants and desires.
  • Make an impact on your recruiter with this step-by-step method you must use when contacting him or her for a pilot slot.
  • How to be guaranteed a pilot slot before signing your life away for the next 10 years.
  • A glimpse into your future by learning where you'll perform your flight training, the fighter jets you'll be flying, and how to ace every step of your training.
  • The most common misconception about the physical qualifications of a fighter pilot.
  • Save time, energy, and be sure that you are making the right choice with detailed data on each service's commissioning programs.
  • 9 tips that will make ground school easier.
  • 6 flight simulator tips you must know to pass your flight checks.
  • Two distinguishes used to decide if you'll fly jets, helicopters, or cargo airplanes and how to use them to get the aircraft YOU want.
  • What to do if you fail your flight physical (and still pass on to fly jets).
  • Learn how to keep physically fit with the exact guidelines and requirements for nearly every medical condition.

Now these benefits alone can virtually assure that you achieve the fighter pilot position of your dreams.

But I told you that I was going to hold your hand every step of your journey.

So Not Only Will You Learn How To Become A Fighter Pilot...

...You’ll Also Learn How To Become One Of The Top Fighter Pilots In The Country With Step-By-Step Information Like…

  • How to prepare for and obtain the most prestigious positions available to fighter pilots like, the Blue Angels, the Thunderbirds, Test Pilot, the Weapons Schools (i.e. TOPGUN), and Survival School.
  • Become one of the best fighter pilots in the country by acing the 11 steps every fighter pilot will take in his career.
  • Become unbeatable by finding out why what you read, what you hear, and what you think will have a drastic impact on the type of fighter pilot you become.
  • The secrets that the government doesn’t tell you about becoming a fighter pilot and how you can use them to your advantage.
  • The single most important piece of advice for survival and success in the squadron.
  • Learn to speak fighter pilot “lingo” and you’ll fit in anywhere on base.
  • What a “secondary job” is and the benefits to you as a fighter pilot.
  • Real-world flying tips that will make you a better pilot now.
  • 12 power-packed tips on impressing your instructors and scoring high grades in the cockpit.
  • Insider tips on the aircraft you'll be flying before you learn them the hard way.
  • Plus much, much more!

Just listen to what Eric had to say about this step-by-step program.

That’s just a partial overview of what’s included in the Fighter Pilot Power Pack™.

You’ll actually learn much more then I have room to cover in this letter, but I’m sure you get the picture.

The best way to describe the Fighter Pilot Power Pack™ is like this…

Have you ever had a take home test? The teacher gives you the test with all the questions and all you have to do is take it home, open your text-book, and find the answers. It’s a cinch!

"The Fighter Pilot Power Pack™ Is Like Getting All
The Questions And The Answers To Every Test
You’ll Ever Take – BEFORE You Take The Tests!"

Becoming a Fighter Pilot has never been easier. While the rest of the recruits are sweating bullets wondering what’s going to happen next, you’ll be flying by them at Mach 2 (no pun intended), grinning from ear to ear!

Now think about this...

People spend 4 or more years at college in order to prepare themselves for their future careers in business, psychology, communications, or the subject of their choice.

So why wouldn’t you invest at least a couple of days to prepare yourself for your future career as a fighter pilot?

Is The Next 10 Years Of Your Life
Something You Want To Leave To Chance?

With the Fighter Pilot Power Pack™ nothing is left to chance. Everything is completely spelled out for you.

You’ll gain access to some of the top minds in the military who will share everything you need to know not only about how to become a fighter pilot, but how to become one of the best fighter pilots in the country.

And the Fighter Pilot Power Pack™ is now a Digital Download so you will get INSTANT ACCESS to all of this information, so you can start on the path to becoming a fighter pilot in just a matter of minutes.

Here’s what’s included in your Fighter Pilot Power Pack™...

Fighter Pilot Power Pack

Future Ace: The Definitive Guide To Becoming A Fighter Pilot
1. Future Ace: The Definitive Guide To Becoming A Fighter Pilot (144 pages)

The ebook that will put you into the jet of your choice: how the process works, what each service offers, what to ask, what to look out for, and what you must know to put you in the front of the line of Becoming A United States Fighter Pilot. Future Ace gives you the facts, the proof, and a specific step-by-step program through an easy-to-use, definitive guide to becoming a fighter pilot.

Marching to Mach: Your Fighter Pilot Career At A Glance
2. Audio MP3: Marching to Mach: Your Fighter Pilot Career At A Glance (1 hour, 8 minutes)

Want to take a look at your future? Here’s your chance. Find out from a fighter pilot just what your life will look like for the next 10-20 years. Also find out about awesome pilot jobs like: Test Pilot School, the Blue Angels, the Thunderbirds, the Weapons Schools, and Survival School. Things to think about if you are going “career.”

How To Excel In Flight School
3. Audio MP3: How To Excel In Flight School (1 hour, 9 minutes)

Do You Want To Finish First In Flight School and Get Jets? This MP3 is designed to give you the ‘inside track’ to performing well in military flight training and how to ace each step. Also find out the two main distinguishers which will be used to decide if you end up flying jets, helicopters, or cargo airplanes.

Fighter Pilot Medical Requirements
4. Audio MP3: Fighter Pilot Medical Requirements: (58 minutes)

What You Need to Pass Your Physical With ‘Flying’ Colors. Find out how it is possible to fail an element of your flight physical and still pass on and fly jets. Including the exact eyesight requirements and where to find the exact guidelines for nearly every medical condition.

Becoming A Fighter Pilot: An Introduction To Your Next Career
5. Audio MP3: Becoming A Fighter Pilot: An Introduction To Your Next Career (48 minutes)

Learn the 5 steps all future fighter pilots will take on their journey down Fighter Pilot Road. How to make final preparations before walking into a recruiter’s office… and why this preparation is so important and much more.

This MP3 is the perfect complement to the Ebook Future Ace: The Definitive Guide To Becoming A Fighter Pilot.

Armed with this amazing program you’ll quickly realize the unfair advantage it gives you.

But like I said earlier, I’m going to hold your hand every step of the way, so on top of all of this…

You'll Also Receive An Exclusive Bonus Package Worth $279 Absolutely FREE!
This bonus package alone will convince you that the program is worth every single penny.
Free Bonus #1:

Special Report: How To Excel In Flight SchoolSpecial Report: How To Excel In Flight School

Let's be won't settle for anything less than flying jets. But you have to graduate at the top of your class to be awarded this position.

A detailed complement to the "How To Excel in Flight School MP3," this Special Report teaches you:

  • My personal 6 and 1 technique that'll teach you how to crush flight school without losing your edge.
  • 3 special studying tips that'll save you time and maximize your performance - especially in pressure-packed "check rides."
  • How to memorize complicated flight procedures in minutes instead of days!
  • 2 essential time management tips that'll propel you ahead of your competition.
  • And much more!

This Special Report normally sells for $47, but I'm including it free in this exclusive bonus package!

Free Bonus #2:

Marching to Mach Special Report: Your Fighter Pilot Career At A GlanceMarching to Mach Special Report: Your Fighter Pilot Career At A Glance

Jump into the future and discover what your life will look like after flight school. This Special Report pulls back the veil on this hidden world and explains how to ignite the afterburners to accelerate your career! Normally this Special Report sells for $37 but it's included in this bonus package at no charge!

Free Bonus #3:

Fighter Pilot Missions Audio MP3

Fighter Pilot Missions Audio MP3

Each day hundreds of U.S. fighter jets around the world take to the skies to accomplish their assigned missions. This MP3 puts you into the cockpit of these missions to show what you, as a fighter pilot, will be tasked with in your future career.

You'll learn:

  • The 9 main missions that you may execute in your tactical fighter jet.
  • What happened in 1991 that radically changed the face of air warfare forever.
  • The difference between single-role and multi-role aircraft and what that means to your next airplane.
  • An insider look at how fighter pilots train for each mission.
  • And more!

This Audio MP3 is normally offered for $27 but is included free for the next few days!

Free Bonus #4:

Special Report: Fighter Pilot Medical RequirementsSpecial Report: Fighter Pilot Medical Requirements

Even if you think you're as healthy as a horse, just about everyone has a medical problem or something that might hinder their chances. It may be your eyes, ears, asthma, height, weight, or allergies.

In this Special Report you'll learn what to do if you fail the flight physical and how to pass on and still fly fighter jets.

It's difficult enough to make it to the top without a physical problem weighing on your shoulders. This could be one of the single most important pieces of advice to get you through to flight school when the problem arises!

Normally this Special Report sells for $44 but it's included in this bonus package at no charge!

Free Bonus #5:

Special Report: Becoming A Fighter Pilot

Special Report: Becoming A Fighter Pilot

This Special Report details my personal journey to becoming one of the top fighter pilots in the country.

Written to complement the Becoming a Fighter Pilot MP3, you'll learn these 2 extremely important keys to success:

  • The 7 Steps that you must take in order to become a fighter pilot. Skip one of these and you WILL be flying behind a desk.
  • What single thing will be your strongest asset during the fighter pilot application process.

Normally this Special Report sells for $37 but it's included in this bonus package at no charge!

Free Bonus #6:

Special Report: Fighter Pilot MissionsSpecial Report: Fighter Pilot Missions

In this power-packed Special Report, you'll learn some great insider information and gain access to special links where you'll discover all you've ever wanted to know about the F-16, F-15, F-18, F-117, F-14, F-22, F-35, A-10, U-2, and SR-71!

Also, you'll learn:

  • What kind of missions you'll be flying over the next 25-30 years.
  • The major differences between Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps missions.
  • And how you can use this information to help you decide on a service NOW.

This Special Report normally sells for $47, but I'm including it free in this exclusive bonus package!

Free Bonus #7:

Special Report: Fighter Pilot MissionsMedical Guidelines: Over 300 pages
straight from the services themselves

You are going to have specific questions about your particular medical condition when it arises. The answers to your medical questions and much more are contained in this very special link to a "hidden" spot on my website with hundreds of pages on this subject.

These documents are what recruiters and flight doctors use to judge whether or not you meet the minimum physical standards and qualify to fly fighter jets.

'Super' Free Bonus #8:

One Month FREE to the "Afterburner Club™"

Receive a FREE subscription to my special "Afterburner Club™" for new members for 30 days. Gain access to a thriving community of pilots and future pilots. You will also have access to a collection of teleseminars with special guests like Blue Angel Pilots, F-18 Pilots, TOPGUN Graduates, Aviation and Sci-Fi authors and many more.

Each recorded tele-seminar ends with valuable Q & A content so you can learn from those who have gone down this road before you! If you signed up for this service on its own, it would cost you $74 a month. But because you are purchasing the Fighter Pilot Power PackTM today you will be receiving the first 30 days FREE and a 80% discount ($14.99) from there on out.

Unlimited Support

Got a question, concern, idea, or just want feedback? No problem!

Now you can get your specific questions answered in the Afterburner Club™, for my members only.

Given the price of my hourly consulting rates, this bonus alone is worth the entire price of the Fighter Pilot Power Pack™! This service is normally offered for $67 an hour but is included free for the next few days!

Information Like This Doesn’t Exist… Period!

Considering the average college student in the U.S. spends over $23,000 on tuition alone preparing themselves for their future career, a $2,000 to $3,000 investment for the Fighter Pilot Power Pack™ would be considered a bargain.

But my mission is to help motivated, aspiring fighter pilots achieve their goals and that wouldn't be possible if it were to require this kind of investment.

Therefore you’ll be happy to know I’m offering the entire Fighter Pilot Power Pack™ to you for a one time investment of just $97.

Update: Due to the tremendous response I've decided to extend our special offer! I'm offering the entire Fighter Pilot Power Pack™ for a one-time investment of just $67 (a $230 savings)! and I'm also including the 8 bonuses worth $239 absolutely free. That's over a $536 value for just $67!

Your Fighter Pilot Power Pack™ will be available instantly as a digital download after you complete your order, so you'll be able to start on your path to becoming a fighter pilot within just a few minutes.

I'm sorry it has to be this way, but last time I raised the price I got a TON of emails asking me to change it back.

So please take advantage of this special offer NOW before I have to raise the price.

Think about it... What’s your future worth to you?

Considering the next 10-20 years of your life could be determined by your preparation...

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