29 Dec 2019

A mindful and well-nourished childhood leads to a respected adulthood

Life is an extremely valuable gift from God and childhood is the most precious period of a life. It is the golden age in the lifetime of a person. If you look back to your childhood days and unknowingly it brings a smile on your face, then you are blessed. We must be thankful to our parents, siblings and childhood friends for providing us with a merry childhood. Now it is our duty to provide our kids with a better one. For a peaceful and cheerful childhood, we must ensure the proper mental, physical and psychological wellbeing of our kids. For this it is necessary to devote some of our precious time with them playing, shouting and running around. We must make them feel that they are very valuable to us. We must let them make their own decisions and guide them friendly if they go wrong right from the beginning. We should encourage them to take challenges and accept failure as a part of success. It also matters what you buy for them and the quality of the products that you choose for them. A mindful and well-nourished childhood leads to respected adulthood. 

Blog by: Fahma