29 Dec 2019


Our earth is full of breath-taking wonders; the beautiful waterfalls, the widespread oceans, majestic mountains mysterious forests and the infinite varieties of organisms that inhabit this planet. Earth functions in this beautiful balance that help every organism to survive. But for a long time now, human activities are destroying these balances; air pollution, water pollution, trash accumulation are mounting over day by day. It is high time that we stop complaining about the government and get out and do something on our own.

Parents, teachers and society, in general, has a very big role in shaping future generations. At a very young age, the child should be taught to discard waste properly, not wasting water and also to take care of other animals, trees, plants, and even flowers. It has to be inculcated at a very young age, the importance of being considerate of nature.

Parents can do some additional steps like planting a plant on every birthday of the child, making them water plants, teaching them to reuse and recycle, to donate old or unwanted clothes and toys, etc.

ALWAYS REMEMBER TO RECYCLE: Aluminum cans, electronics, cardboard, plastic bags, plastic bottles, metal, magazines or newspapers, etc.

Blog by: Haneen