06 Nov 2019

Listen your child!!!

Effective Communication with your child

The foundation marks Child Protection Day through an informative campaign and the blue ribbon which symbolizes commitment in preventing child abuse.

Effective communication helps children improve their self-esteem, learn to communicate, listen to others and also to foster a sense of respect and responsibility.

This is achieved if parents and carers every day dedicate some time to listening to children; involve them in decision making when possible; show children they are being understood; criticize children’s wrong actions; be willing to listen to their problems and help them overcome difficulties.

Positive parenting keeps away any type of abuse and respects children’s rights. Children have the right to grow surrounded by respect and loving care.

Their rights have to be safeguarded; children need to be guided when taking a decision; they need the necessary support to grow up without unnecessary pressures while developing their personality.

The foundation, through Aġenzija Appoġġ and Aġenzija Support, regularly embarks on various initiatives that promote positive parenting.

These include interventions within the community and schools; parental skills courses; discussions with parents and educators; services that help families passing through a difficult time; and family workshops that help families improve their social situation.