06 Nov 2019

Practical Ways to Improve a Child’s dignity!

Below are some ideas about how to improve a child’s dignity:-
1.       Listen and acknowledge a child’s feelings.
2.       Accept the child as she is, treat her with respect.
3.       Give specific and to the point praise, e.g. you played well in the match today.
4.       Be honest, if she did not play well then that is fine, she did her best given how she was feeling.
5.       Use ‘I’ statements rather than ‘you’ e.g. I get really annoyed when you throw your clothes on the floor and not, ‘you are always doing the same thing – throwing your clothes on the floor’.
6.       Give the child age-appropriate responsibilities and levels of independence and decision making responsibilities. This helps the child to develop their sense of self, while all the time checking back with the parent.
7.       While the child needs boundaries rules and consistency, don’t be too annoyed with her when she gets things wrong. She is learning.
8.       Also, think well of yourself and your partner, make sure she hears you compliment each other.
9.       It is good for her when she hears you, as a parent, take pride in a job that you have well done.
10.   Avoid ‘shoulds’ or ‘could haves’.